For most people, a wedding dress in any other color except white ceases to be actually called as one. However, times and trends have undergone a sea change now with many brides ditching the conventional white colored wedding dresses. You too can do the same by picking one among the many colored types of wedding wear that are available widely. Discussed below are some ideas to help you get a better perspective about colorful wedding attire.

Hint of Color

In spite of the change in outlook, many brides today consider white to be the best possible color for a wedding dress for traditional reasons. For them, choosing a wedding dress with only a slight hint of color is a worthwhile option. Another thing they can do is to add other colors to the dress’s white color. White pretty much gels well with any kind of color and you can use this to your advantage.

For instance, you can make use of single colored accessories with your white wedding dress. Accessories in colors of hot red and cool blue will look awesome. Some of the other accessories that you can procure in different colors and use include necklaces, hair clips and ribbons, bracelets and earrings. A colored belt to be used at the waist is also another option you have got.


There are many methods in which you can add colors to wedding dresses. Among the most popular options is to have layered bottoms on the dress, which can hold different colors. Pick a color that goes well with the dress’s white and the wedding theme as well. Some of the popular options chosen by brides include pink on purple or red on white.

You can also choose to have a wedding dress in one color completely and then have embroidery in a completely different color altogether. For instance, red embroidery on a black wedding gown or blue embroidery on a pink colored gown; the options are endless.

Single & Dual Layered Dresses

As the name indicates, such wedding dresses can be bought in dual colors. If yours is a traditional wedding then you can go for a combo that is not too contrasting. However, in case of casual weddings, bold and contrasting combos are not unwelcome. You can also choose the combo as per the season in which you are getting married. An example of the same is orange and yellow for the fall season. Some of the other popular color options when going for dual layered dresses include lavender, pink, purple, green, blue, golden and yellow. 


Planning a wedding soon? One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing your wedding dress. You may have dreamed about finding the perfect dress ever since you were little girl. Now, with the big day finally coming, you are searching high and low for the wedding dress of your dreams.

In a close second behind finding the perfect wedding dress is finding your bridesmaids’ dresses online. Your bridesmaids are like the other flowers in your wedding bouquet: sure, you’re the centerpiece, but having the right bridesmaid dresses makes your wedding dress—and the entire reception—that much more beautiful.

Determining the exact kind of bridesmaid dress you want may already be a little overwhelming. You’re caught up in planning so many different parts of your wedding, the stress of bridesmaid details could be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case! Pinterest is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and a godsend to the amateur wedding planning world. Read on to learn how you can use Pinterest to find the perfect bridesmaids dresses online and perhaps the trickiest part—where to get them!

Follow boards!

Sure, you have probably found a few days maybe this evening to create a Pinterest board of your favorite wedding ideas. You wouldn’t be a girl in the 21st-century if you did! However, want a goof-proof way to find lots of wedding ideas quickly? Find out the boards where your wedding plans are coming from. Simply click through to find the original board, then follow that board. It’s easy that. You’ll be automatically updated with all the other great wedding ideas the original pinner shares.

Find the original source!

Another great way to find the best bridesmaid dresses online ideas is to find the original source the pin comes from. Most times, this means simply clicking the pin to whatever blog or website it was originally sourced from.  It may lead to other cute wedding apparel (for your whole wedding party!) online. 

Follow your friends’ exclamations!

Remember how we said it seems like every girl in the 21st-century as a Pinterest account with a wedding board? Well, if it’s true for you, it’s probably true for your friends. Follow friends on Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas. Who knows, they might actually already have found your dream bridesmaids dresses! Finding bridesmaids dresses online has never been easier than today, thanks in part to many user-friendly sites like Pinterest. Follow these tips and get looking for your perfect bridesmaid dress today.


It’s your wedding day, the ceremony has ended, you and your guests have arrived to your banquet hall for your luncheon, but there’s no food. Somewhere along the line, the caterer got either the location or the delivery time wrong. You don’t know which, but you know that your guests are hungry and unhappy, and this is almost going to put a negative light on your wedding day.

Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these tips to make sure you put in it with your caterer on your special day.

  1. By coordinating with the caterer, you’ll make sure the food is there when you need it. Remember not only to be clear on the time you want the food delivered, but the time you want the food ready to eat. Sometimes food has to be prepared on site, so be very clear in your communication with your caterer to ensure you’re not sitting around with guests for an hour and a half will the food is being prepared.
  2. Determine cost of delivery and preparation. By figuring out the location and time of your lunch banquet, the caterer will know how far they have to travel to deliver your food and whether any need to be prepared on site. This will help you determine the cost more accurately.
  3. Set it up then don’t worry about it. Above all, a reason to make sure you take extra special effort into meeting with your caterer is so you have your own peace of mind. On your wedding day, you’re going to be nervous. You’re going to be excited. You don’t want to add to the stress by having any ambiguity, especially with the food.

Follow these tips to coordinate with the food people and make sure you have the meal delivered to your banquet hall at the right time. Good luck with your wedding!


You may have heard that buying wedding dresses online is a great way to save money when budgeting for your big day. However, this also opens the door for a wedding dress disaster. Here’s how to make sure you can get the most out of ordering online without having to pay the price.


Pros – by ordering online, you can make sure you have basically any size you need. This can give you a lot of versatility.

Cons – one of the cons of buying online is the sizing may not be completely accurate. For example, some dresses which are supposed to be a size 8 will actually fit like a size 6 when you try them on. This will necessitate an exchange before your wedding (or sudden weight loss).


Pros – shipping can be fast, so if you need to find a dress in a hurry, buying a dress online could be a way to get a very beautiful gown delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Cons – however, when you need to return a dress, it will take several extra days to swap it out for different one. You need to make sure to give lots of time before your wedding to get your dress sorted out.


Pros – a wedding dress online can either save money or cost the same as in stores, but it will rarely cost more. This means you’re probably going to get the best deal. You can also compare address is much easier online to find the best prices and the best retailers.

Cons – however, if you have to send address back-and-forth several times to find the right fitting went, the cost of shipping can be significant. Overall though, you going to save a lot of money by buying online.


For a number of years LA Banquets has been honoured to be the home to a large number of memories and traditions that are new. This resulted to them being known as Southern California’s company of choice for banquets for their proven commitment to excellence.

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